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Ideate’s guiding mission is to provide the most extensive, high-quality information solutions to our
clients. We are pleased to offer the Autodesk® 2012 software portfolio for building design, construction,
infrastructure and design visualization. The new products will help your adoption of Building Information
Modeling (BIM), ease multidisciplinary collaboration and provide your firm the tools to address both new
and renovation projects.

With all the exciting new features in the 2012 portfolio, where do you start? Ideate’s expert technical
team has assembled the resources you need to begin exploring 2012.

Ideate Experts – Our Take on What’s New
Technical Support – Transitioning to 2012

Ideate Experts – Our Take on What’s New
Ideate has the best technical team on the West Coast, including architects and engineers with real world experience. We've reviewed the 2012 product releases, considered what’s most important to your business, and distilled the information down to our Top Features. Visit our blog for the scoop via lists and videos.

AutoCAD and AutoCAD WS
AutoCAD 2012:
New Content Explorer

AutoCAD 2012: Video –
New Content Explorer

AutoCAD WS for AutoCAD 2012
Video: AutoCAD WS for
AutoCAD 2012

AutoCAD 2012: Reset
Settings to Default

That's a Good Question – More on
AutoCAD 2012 Content Explorer
AutoCAD MEP 2012 –
HVAC Ductwork – New Workflow!

AutoCAD MEP 2012 –
“Add Ducts” Updated

AutoCAD MEP 2012: New Features
for Better Usability and Integration

AutoCAD Civil 3D
Edit Pipe Networks in
AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 –
Import Styles and Settings

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 –
New Analysis Tools!

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 Help Tab
New in AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012:
Corridor Sections Through
an Intersection

New in Civil 3D 2012: Import
GIS Data Tool for Pipe Networks
Autodesk Navisworks
Navisworks 2012 – Exporting Links
New Features in Navisworks
Manage 2012: File Link
Support for Revit Models

New in Navisworks Manage 2012 –
Switchback to Revit

Video: Navisworks 2012
Interoperability – Switchback
to Revit

Revit Architecture
Revit 2012 New Feature:
Linked Point Cloud Data

Revit Architecture 2012 Construction
Modeling – Create Parts Tool

Revit 2012 + Collaboration
Creating Shop Drawings in Revit
Architecture 2012... What?
It can do that?!

Visual Enhancements in
Revit Architecture 2012

Revit 2012 Tweaks and

Video: Visualization Enhancements
in Revit Architecture 2012

Now in Revit 2012 – Editing
Requests Yield Balloon
Notifications to Users

New in Revit 2012: Round
Function in Formulas

Revit Structure
Revit Structure 2012: New Features
to Enhance Shop Drawings

Revit Structure 2012: Two New
Features to Support Creation of
Shop Drawings!

Revit Structure 2012
Enhancements: Rebar Placement
and Reinforcement

Multi-planar Reinforcement in
Revit Structure 2012

More Options for Analytical
Model Adjustments in
Revit Structure 2012
Revit MEP
Revit MEP 2012 New Duct/
Pipe/Conduit Features

Revit MEP 2012 – Create-
System/System Enhancements

Revit MEP 2012 New Features –

Video: Revit MEP 2012
Placeholder Pipes and Ducts
and Parallel Pipes and Conduits

Technical Support – Transitioning to 2012
Are you on Subscription, ready to download 2012, or considering a move to the new release? Our Support team has put together the key things you need to know – answers to frequently asked questions about migrating to Autodesk 2012 products, including hardware recommendations and network considerations. Click here to learn about recommended operating systems (including the MAC) and virtual PC and XP mode.

Also, from Ideate's Tech Team:

Video: Changing Your Product Delivery MethodFrom Download to DVD
PDF: How to Request a Product DVD/CDThrough Subscription Center

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