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Siteworks™ for Revit®

Siteworks™ for Revit® enables architects, designers and planners to shape the terrain for their building sites using grading tools to model pads, parking lots, streets, sidewalks and retaining walls – all within the Revit environment. Siteworks is intended to help these professionals convey preliminary design intent about the building site within the Revit model to help facilitate their collaboration with civil engineers. And because Siteworks runs inside of Revit and uses native families, components and toposurfaces, designs become part of the overall Building Information Model and help with visualizing your conceptual building plans.

Siteworks for Revit Brochure

LANDCADD™ for Revit
LANDCADD™ for Revit® is designed to offer Architects, Landscape Architects or Designers functionality within Autodesk Revit Architecture to quickly and easily lay out site components, as well as produce a landscape design fully integrated into the project. By accessing a wide-range of searchable plants, you are able to customize planting families and then use the LANDCADD tools to locate trees, shrubs, flowers or ground covers into the model. You are also able to layout other landscaping features, such as paths or patios and, not only obtain areas, but also a takeoff of the materials.

LANDCADD for Revit Brochure

LandSketch™ for Subdivisions
LandSketch™ for Subdivisions is designed to eliminate the inefficiencies in the planning stage for land development projects. Its main purpose is to allow you to quickly layout conceptual residential designs electronically and then pass that data to the designer to complete the final engineering design.

LandSketch for Subdivisions Brochure

Pinnacle Series™
The AEC industry is undergoing a shift more significant than the shift from manual drafting to CAD. Government agencies and owners are now specifying Building Information Models (BIM) in project deliverables. Engineering and architecture firms must prepare their teams for the move to BIM to stay competitive. Simply put, traditional design-bid-build workflows must be changed in order to enforce new modeling practices, take advantage of BIM technology and deliver the right models.

Pinnacle Series is a revolutionary way of delivering multiple implementation, training and support resources in a single, concise interface. From standard Revit workflows, cheat sheets and video lessons to unlimited on-line training & technical support, the content contained within Pinnacle Series ensures your people use Autodesk building design and simulation software the way it was intended.

Pinnacle Series Brochure

LandSketch™ for Highways
LandSketch for Highways contains just the right set of tools to perform preliminary design tasks for transportation planning. The ability to visualize and report on GIS environmental data is combined with powerful route layout tools to help analyze multiple corridor alternatives quickly. Back and forth iterations between engineering design CAD software packages and GIS are all but eliminated, allowing more time to be spent considering the most cost effective and least impactful alternative. When you’re ready to create public display maps or move on to detailed design, your preferred alternative can easily be transferred via Shape (.SHP) and LandXML files.

LandSketch for Highways Brochure

Data Reduction™
Streamline the AutoCAD® Civil 3D® survey transfer process. Whether you are downloading directly from the collector or importing a job already on the PC, shots described in the field using Eagle Point’s popular coding methodology come into Civil 3D with proper description key symbology and linework automatically generated.

Data Reduction for Civil 3D Brochure

Surveyors’ Companion™
Surveyors’' Companion™ allows you to comfortably and productively move to AutoCAD® Civil 3D® with simplified COGO routines and user interface. It's integrated within Civil 3D and interacts with native point, parcel, surface, alignment and profile data.

Multiple routines (both dialog and command line based) are included to input raw alignment, lot and field traverse information directly into your drawings, bypassing the requirement of using an external survey database. Robust point placement routines are also available to quickly locate COGO points that can be uploaded to the field for staking.

Surveyors’ Companion Brochure


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