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Subscribe to the Autodesk Media & Entertainment industry collection for the most convenient and flexible way to access a wide selection of the most essential Autodesk software used in your industry. This collection provides the complete 3D animation toolset for visual effects artists and game developers.

  • Desktop
  • 3ds Max
  • Maya
  • Motionbuilder
  • Mudbox

  • Cloud
  • Character Generator
  • ReCap 360 Pro
  • Rendering in A360
  • Storage (25GB)
  • As a subscriber, you get the following benefits:

    • Access to a wide selection of the most essential Autodesk software for your industry in a single collection that will evolve over time
    • Continuous access to the latest software releases and enhancements
    • Flexible term lengths (monthly quarterly, annually, multi–year)
    • Option for single–user (individual) and multi-user (shared) access
    • Previous version rights
    • Global travel rights
    • Access to more cloud services
    • Technical support

    Character Generator

    Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2017
    Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2017 software offers numerous new features that will help users working more efficiently and creatively than ever before. Along with several enhancements to its modeling, animation, and rendering tools, this release includes workflow improvements, a tighter integration with pipeline tools, as well as a fresh new UI.

    Character Generator

    Autodesk® Character Generator® 2017
    3D character creator software. Create custom and ready–to–animate 3D characters with Character Generator, an easy–to–use, web–based 3D character creator. Control a character’s body, face, clothes, and hair, and generate rigged character models for use in animation packages and game engines.

    Autodesk Maya

    Autodesk® Maya® 2017
    Autodesk® Maya® 2017 software delivers powerful new toolsets for simulating and rendering photorealistic liquids; creating hair, fur, feathers, grass, and foliage; and skinning characters. In addition, support for Pixar’s OpenSubdiv libraries, enhanced polygon modeling and UV tools, and a new node-based visual shader editor help accelerate performance and increase artist productivity.

    Autodesk Mudbox

    Autodesk® Mudbox® 2017
    Autodesk® Mudbox® 2017 is a cost–effective digital sculpting and painting solution. Mudbox provides 3D artists with an intuitive and tactile toolset for creating and modifying high–quality 3D geometry and textures. The latest release of Mudbox introduces new sculpting tools, including Volume and Surface Falloff options, the Relax Brush for smoothing surfaces while trying to preserve the shape of a mesh, and a Twist feature in the Grab Brush for creating swirl–like effects on a mesh.

    Autodesk Motionbuilder

    Autodesk® Motionbuilder® 2017
    Autodesk® MotionBuilder® 2017 software helps extend the world of high–quality animated production to new audiences, with support for affordable, consumer–level motion capture devices and a library of pre–built moves to cover a number of commonly required animations. Other highlights are new advanced camera options and more flexible marker assignment.

    Autodesk Smoke

    Autodesk® Smoke® 2017
    Autodesk® Smoke® 2017 software delivers a powerful, nonlinear effects workflow designed to help editors take their work to the next level, with a re-architected Timeline FX feature set; a robust 3D Tracker; support for Blackmagic Design® and AJA® Video Systems hardware; and improved XML interoperability with Apple® Final Cut Pro.®


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