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DreamScape 2.x

DreamScape 2.x provides users with cutting edge tools for creating realistic landscapes, seascapes, skies, outdoor lighting and more. This incredible tool is actually a tightly integrated suite of modeling and animation tools for building complete environments including mountainous landscapes, realistic skies and bodies of water.

In contrast to other terrain creation tools for 3ds max, DreamScape`s Terra module uses new rendering technologies that occupies much less of your computer memory, making it possible to render exceptionally large, detailed terrains even on a modest host system. You can easily tweak terrain properties, interactively paint elevations and apply natural erosion effects using an intuitive and friendly user interface.

You can also build convincing skies in a matter of minutes that mimic the advanced illumination properties of the real sky and contain multiple layers of animatable clouds. From bright, sunny days to overcast, dreary afternoons, DreamScape 2 can deliver the look that you need. And beautifully animated sunsets and sunrises are handled automatically; just animate DreamScape`s Sun light and the sky will react accordingly.

Lastly, DreamScape`s SeaMaterial can help you generate realistic sea surfaces including reflections, refraction, bump mapping, procedurally generated foam and underwater scenery. This material is then applied to DreamScape’s procedural Sea Surface object. The Sea Surface has built-in deformation based on oceanographic studies and is powered by advanced FOV-based mesh creation algorithms. This means that beyond superb motion, everything outside the camera’s field of view will be eliminated so that expansive ocean scenes won’t bring your system to it’s knees when rendering. And with the addition of new naval dynamics, you can toss objects into your water and have them interact in a realistic and accurate fashion.

So if you need a powerful and robust tool for creating "real world" environments, then DreamScape 2 is the right choice.

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DreamScape 2.x
Price: $645
Availability: Electronic
Manufacturer: Sitni Sati

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