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MoCap 400

MoCap 400

MoCap 400

MoCap 400

Get moving in 3D with Motion Capture Data.
A collection of 416 motion capture files in BVH format.

Free Sample MoCap Files

Now you can apply the motion of real people to your 3D animations. Whether you are visualizing football tackles, walk cycles, or hip hop dancing, your animations will come alive with the subtle nuances of 3D human motion captured from professional athletes, actors, and dancers.

MoCap 400 is a collection of 416 motion capture files for use in any 3D animation program compatible with BioVision (.bvh) files, an industry standard format that works in virtually all applications that accept motion capture data. And since MoCap 400 motions cost less than three dollars each, you can enjoy the benefits of motion capture data on almost any budget.

Motions include ballroom, disco, hip hop, rumba, and ballet.

Motions include kicks, punches, grabs, and gun play.

Motions include drinking, cheering, sitting, working, standing, driving, rope climbing, and more.

Jog & Run
Motions include jogging, running, and sprinting. Many of these motions are loopable.

Motions include aerobics, baseball, basketball, fencing, football, skating, soccer, tennis, and volleyball.

Motions include walking, marching, turning, stumbling, sneaking, and crawling. Many of these motions are loopable.

System Requirement:
Animation systems compatible with .BVH files.



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MoCap 400
List Price: $995
Our Price: $945
Electronic Only
Manufacturer: Digimation

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