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Power Rhino2Max

Power Rhino2Max

Power Rhino2Max

For 3ds Max and VIZ

Have you ever had to re-create a Rhino model inside of MAX/VIZ?  Power Rhino2Max is the answer to get those Rhino models and assemblies into MAX or VIZ with the push of a button. Power Rhino2Max reads native Rhino files and creates a "BrepObject" to represent the precise geometry defined in these files.  It can then create a mesh at render time to a specified user defined tolerance relative to the size of the object in the image.  For example, a tolerance of 1/2 Pixel will produce an extremely high quality image with very smooth edges that do not have polygonal artifacts.  The "BrepObject" introduced by Power Rhino2Max can have materials applied at the sub-object level and is able to utilize most MAX Mesh modifiers (twist, UVMap, etc.).  Power Rhino2Max is a subset of the Power Translators product.

Power Rhino2Max could easily pay for itself on a single project in time savings alone!


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Power Rhino2Max
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Manufacturer: nPower

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