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Power Translator

Power Translator for 3ds Max 2008, 2009, and 2010

Import Precise CAD Models into 3ds Max from IGES, Rhino, STEP and SAT Files

What Is Power Translators?

Power Translators is designed to help you get precise CAD data into MAX and then utilize it effectively to generate high quality images and animations.

  • IMPORT of IGES, Rhino, STEP, and SAT assemblies, solids, open shells and trimmed surfaces
  • Sewing of imported Trimmed Surfaces into solids or shells
  • Adaptive mesh creation based on the size of the model in the rendered image
  • Assignment of different materials to individual faces within a solid or shell
  • Filleting and Chamfering of selected edges or faces
  • Offsetting and Shelling of imported models

What is the Difference Between a Model Imported by Power Translators and Model Imported using MAX Mesh Importers?

Power Translators imports into a precise format used by most CAD systems called a Boundary Representation. This format contains both topological or connectivity information and geometric information. The geometric information is typical a precise definition of a higher order surface (plane, cylinder, cone, torus, spline, etc.) Power Translators can represent data used by most CAD systems without resorting to polygonal approximations. Power Translators creates a mesh from this precise geometry at render time using view dependent meshing algorithms.

What this means to the user is that you can specify a rendering tolerance and Power Translators will generate an appropriate number of polygons relative to the size of the object in the view. The closer to the object the more polygons that are generated. The further away the fewer. The result is a very high quality render without polygonal artifacts. If you imported meshes you often get either too many polygons to render object efficiently or not enough polygons to produce a good quality image.


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Power Translator for Max
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Power Bundle - NURBS/Translator/Solids
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