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Activation and Registration for Your Autodesk Product

Standalone Installation

  • Internet Activation
  1. To activate your product make sure you are online and your virus protection software is disabled.
  2. Install the program.
  3. After the installation has been completed, when you open the program for the first time you will be prompted for your company information as well as the serial number for your product. After the information is processed you will receive a Registration – Activation Confirmation through e-mail which will include your request code and activation code. Keep this for your records. The activation process is complete and you can use the registered product.
  • Phone Activation
  1. Phone in to Autodesk Registration and Activation to request for an Authorization Code: 800-551-1490

Network Installation

Use the Autodesk web portlet to obtain a network license file or activate and register a standalone license


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