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You’ve purchased your Autodesk® software on subscription, now it’s time to take full advantage of the many benefits for both you and your users. Exclusive, member-only benefits are just a mouse click away.

Maintenace Plan Overview

Setting up your Autodesk Account
Creating an Autodesk Account is your key to accessing several Autodesk websites with a single sign-in. Your Autodesk ID is typically your email address, but can also be an alpha-numerical id you create. When you purchase software from the Autodesk Store, we'll help you create an Autodesk Account if you don't already have one. This gives you access to download software and manage your products and services.

How to sign in to Autodesk Account
Here are answers to some frequently asked questions around signing in to your Autodesk Account.

How to add/remove users in Autodesk Account
Contract Managers and Software Coordinators can add or remove users for software and services in Autodesk Account. For information about assigning access to software and subscription services, see Setting User Permissions for Products, Services & Support.

ADD Managing user access in Autodesk Account
Subscription administrators such as Contract Managers and Software Coordinators can add or remove access to products, cloud services, and subscription benefits for named users on a Subscription contract in Autodesk Account. For information about adding and removing users, see Adding or Removing Users in User Management.

Downloading software from Autodesk Account
Availability of the download methods described below varies by product, version and/or operating system. Available download methods are displayed in Autodesk Account.

Requesting physical media
Autodesk Customers can order boxed product media (DVD or USB) for their software by submitting a request.

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Start with the Autodesk Subscription Step by Step Solutions.

Autodesk Subscription
Lower costs. More flexibility. Priority support.

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