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White Papers on Revit and Building Information Modeling


Revit and BIM

Revit 2014 Model Performance Settings and Best Practices
bullet Smart Market Report (2012) – The Business Value of BIM in North America
Using BIM to Design a High-Performing Advanced Learning Center
Creating a “COBie2” Enabled Project in Revit (download files)
Using the Autodesk Revit GSA Spatial Template (download files)
Using the Revit Extensions for Steel Framed Floor Design and Analysis
Technological and Investment Reasons to Require Net-Zero Energy Today
An Engineering Guide to Energy Retrofit
The Business Value of BIM
3D for Efficient Buildings
Revit – Parametric Building Modeling Foundation
Revit BIM A Key to Performance-Based Design
Revit BIM and Cost Estimating
Revit BIM and DWF
Revit BIM and Facilities Management
Revit BIM Barriers to the Adoption of BIM in the Building Industry
Revit BIM Concept to Completion
Revit BIM for Interior Design
Revit BIM for Sustainable Design
Revit BIM Goes to School
Revit BIM in Action
Revit BIM Parametric Building Modeling – BIMs Foundation
Revit BIM Return on Investment
Revit BIM Tapping BIM using ODBC
Revit BIM Transitioning to BIM
Revit BIM Using for Green Designs
Conceptual Design Modeling in Autodesk Revit Architecture 2010
Revit Implementation
Revit Platform 2009 Model Performance Technical Note
Revit Platform 2010 Model Performance Technical Note

Revit MEP

Revit MEP – Calculating Duct Sizes
Revit MEP – Electrical Calculations
Revit MEP – Heating and Cooling Calculations
Revit MEP – Hydronic Piping Calculations

Multiplatform Collaboration

Effective Collaboration Using Revit Structureand AutoCAD MEP
Exporting Revit Architecture Models asACIS for Use in AutoCAD MEP
Hybrid MEP Design and Documentation


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