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Generate 3D Plant Projects Quickly, Easily, and Accurately

AutoCAD-trained piping designers use Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D plant design software to create 3D plant designs more quickly and without the need for CAD administrators. You and your team will use it to speed your process of laying out steel structures, modeling equipment, and routing piping design using AutoCAD commands. 

The AutoCAD Plant 3D toolset is now included with AutoCAD.

For more information on AutoCAD Pant 3D software, contact us at or 888.662.7238.


Autodesk AutoCAD Plant 3D
Description Specifications

Use an industry-specific toolset for plant design and engineering to create P&IDs and integrate them into a 3D plant design model

  • Cloud-based collaboration - Share projects and invite others to work collaboratively.
  • Instrumentation support - Place instrumentation directly from the Instrumentation Tool Palette, and place in the same way as piping components.
  • Project backups - Easily create a local backup of your project.
  • Project manager search - Find project design files faster
  • Vault improvements - Better integration with Vault data management software.
  • Isometric improvements - Get tools to improve representation of skewed lines in piping isometrics.
  • 3D graphics performance improvements - Plant 3D takes full advantage of hardware graphics acceleration resulting in performance improvements.
  • Simplified workflows - Many project commands are now incorporated as right-click commands in Project Manager for easier workflows, such as editing piping specifications.
  • P&ID painter - Display lines and components in colors by property value.
  • Spec-driven P&IDs - Check for piping specification consistency in P&ID.
  • Off-page connector improvements in P&ID - Supports data consistency across P&ID for process and instrument lines.
  • P&ID data validation - Get tight integration between the P&ID and the AutoCAD Plant 3D model.

For more information on AutoCAD Plant 3D software, contact us at or 888.662.7238.

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