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Autodesk Revit 2013 has some great enhancements; two of my preferred improvements are the workflow improvements and the Enhanced Building Analysis tools.

Autodesk Revit allows you to customize discipline functionality based on your needs, another benefit is instead of having different content library for each Revit vertical, there will be one single content library to help organize your company library.  With all the tools accessible within a single application, it improves the multi-discipline workflow for the industry.

Watch the video: Autodesk Revit 2013 – Multi-discipline Workflow Improvements

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         Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson
Senior Application Specialist MEP/AEC Solutions

Bill has over 25 years experience in applying MEP & AEC design solutions for large commercial companies, this has led to actively developed Autodesk® Revit® implementation strategies, techniques, and procedures for architectural and MEP companies. He has worked for TEECOM Design Group, GTE/GTEL, Greg LeDoux and Associates, and Scottish Power in England. Bill is an Autodesk MEP Implementation Certified Expert, and has been the Lead Designer for several multi-million dollar communication sites which have included structural, electrical, HVAC, conduit, cable plans and equipment layouts. He graduated from the Pasadena Institute of Technology and has a Sustainable Design Certification from the University of California at Berkeley.