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Model Documentation Tools are back and better than ever! This is Derek Wielkopolski, Support Manager and Application Specialist at Ideate, Inc. and I’m happy to say this is one of my favorite new features in AutoCAD.

In this year’s release Autodesk has significantly improved upon this already very useful feature. Model Documentation Tools allow you to quickly create drafting views from 3D objects; and not just plans and elevations, but sections, details, and isometric views too.

Creating these views is as simple as going into the new Layout tab on the ribbon and selecting which objects to create the view from; and not just AutoCAD objects but objects modeled in Autodesk Inventor too! And all without the hassle of any type of file translator either

Once the views are created you have a near endless array of visual and styling options. Annotations like dimensions and text can even be applied to these views. And since they’re dynamic, any modifications to the object are immediately reflected in the view.

With the new section and detail tools creating sections and details are as easy as drawing in a section line or detail bubble. Just as you can change the visual settings of views, you can customize the look and feel of the sections and details using the section/detail style manager.

Want to learn more? Take a look at the three videos I recorded highlighting the new Model Documentation Tools’ features in AutoCAD 2013:

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   Derek Wielkopolski
Derek Wielkopolski
Ideate Technical Support Manager/Application Specialist

Derek holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Roger Williams University, Rhode Island. He is experienced working within the AEC industry from concept design through construction administration for both small and large scale projects. As Ideate’s Support Manager he ensures a timely and quality response to support requests and questions.