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In coordination with the Ideate, Inc. YouTube video on Autodesk Revit 2014 - Room Calculation Point, this post describes how the Revit 2014 “room aware” families now include the capability of recognizing rooms and spaces they reside in.
One of the long standing requests for Revit was the ability of families recognizing a room or a space that they belong to. A new setting within “Room Aware” families allows you to turn on a parameter known as a Room Calculation Point. Room aware families include families such as furniture, doors, casework, generic models, specialty equipment, and windows. Turning on the Room Calculation point within one of these family type enables the Room Calculation Point arrow.

The Room Calculation Point includes a string with two arrows pointing the direction in which the family recognizes the room or space it resides in. Upon loading the family into a project. room aware elements report the room they are in through the To Room: and From Room: parameters. Previous versions of Revit initially recognized the To Room: and From Room: parameters, but would not update if the families were moved or flipped to a different room. With the Room Calculation Point enabled in a room aware family the To Room: and From Room: parameters become dynamic reporting the room that these types of families live in. 

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          Ron Palma
Ron Palma
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