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Author: Shruti Harve Revit Structure, Revit

One of the common questions I get when teaching rebar modeling in my Revit Structure classes here at Ideate, Inc. is about how to override the default constraint behavior of the rebar to its host elements. The answer would be 'not easily possible', but not anymore with the introduction of 'Edit Rebar Constraints' tool in Revit 2014.

With the introduction the 'Edit Rebar Constraints' tool, you can now apply overrides to the default host constraint behavior on a selected rebar element. The Rebar Constraints dialog box lets you select either Bar Plane, Start of Bar, End of Bar, or Out of Plane Extent. The face of the host that represents the constraint target highlights in the drawing area.


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         Shruti Harve
Shruti Harve, LEED AP
Ideate Senior AEC Application Specialist

Shruti holds a Master of Science degree in Architectural Computing from University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom and is LEED accredited. Her experience includes working in Architecture and Construction firms in India and the United Kingdom as well as Structural Engineering firms in the Bay Area providing design, 3D modeling and drafting services. At Ideate, Shruti provides training and support for Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, 3ds Max, Ecotect and AutoCAD Architecture.