Author: Shruti Harve AutoCAD MEP

AutoCAD MEP 2014 has some solid enhancements, one of them that will give companies and users additional control over consultant files is the ability to Set to layer zero command, which modifies the definition of a selected block so all content objects are set to Layer 0.

Have you ever gotten a drawing from a consultant and wondered why the color of a block does not change as you expect it to? Most likely, the reason is that the components of the block are not on Layer 0. Layers that cannot be deleted but are not apparently used may also be due to this setting. MoveBlockToLayer0 will correct the definition of a block by changing all components with one click.

This new, timesaving command allows you to change the layer of all drawing entities to layer zero in a single click. You can also clean up drawings with objects on  unused layers by moving them to layer zero.

What is now done with a single click would previously require several actions: edit block reference > select all objects > set to Layer 0 > save changes.

This new enhanced Set by Zero drawing feature will:

The bottom line is firms will be able to increase productivity and set drawing entities to layer zero in a single click.

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         Shruti Harve
Shruti Harve, LEED AP
Ideate Senior AEC Application Specialist

Shruti holds a Master of Science degree in Architectural Computing from University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom and is LEED accredited. Her experience includes working in Architecture and Construction firms in India and the United Kingdom as well as Structural Engineering firms in the Bay Area providing design, 3D modeling and drafting services. At Ideate, Shruti provides training and support for Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, 3ds Max, Ecotect and AutoCAD Architecture.