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Author: Cesar Escalante Revit

The 2015 release of Navisworks introduces new enhancements to the model based quantification module.

It is now possible to assign complete parent structures of geometry to the takeoff workbook. In the past, users had to select the model at the geometry node level in the selection tree hierarchy, making the process very tedious and difficult to perform. The quantification is streamlined by assigning whole branches of geometry from the Selection Tree into the takeoff workbook. This can be done three ways:

  1. By using the Model Take off button in the work.
  2. Via the right-click menu.
  3. By dragging and dropping the selection into the workbook.



New in this release is also the ability to add comments to a takeoff items. A new column of comments was added to the takeoff workbook, and comments are sorted by a numerical identifier. The comment can be later managed, or edited via the Navisworks comment dialog box in the Review tab.



Navisworks 2015 also introduces Property Mapping in the Item Catalog for global Item Calculations. This dialog box and allows you to discretely specify which Takeoff properties will be matched to the model properties. This may be required where the dimensional parameters of the geometry have multiple customized names.  



To override these mapping rules for any particular item, there is a new ‘Item Map Rules’ tab by the Item Calculation tab. The property mapping provides users greater flexibility and control on which properties of the geometry execute the takeoff calculations.



Check out the video: Navisworks 2015 New Enhancements to Model Based Quantification

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     Cesar Escalante
Cesar Escalante, AIA, LEED AP, CCCA
AEC Solutions Application Specialist

Cesar has a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Central America in El Salvador, a Master of Architecture from the University of Texas, and is a CCCA (Certified Construction Contract Administrator). His experience includes roles as Project Manager and Project Captain at architecture firms in Oakland, California. As a member of the Ideate Tech Expert team, Cesar teaches Revit Architecture Fundamentals and provides client support and consulting. Cesar’s interest in the built environment includes his work as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.