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Author: Cesar Escalante Revit

In this release of Revit, Autodesk introduces the new IMAGE parameter type. This new parameter is displayed by default as an Instance and Type parameter for most of the model system and component families. Views, Sheets, Datum, and View Specific families are excluded. The IMAGE parameter type is one of the displays as an available choice of parameter types when creating custom projects or shared parameters.


The new 'Image' Type

When an IMAGE parameter is built into a family, users can associate it with an image loaded in Revit or select from any path. The images are managed by the ‘Manage Image’ dialog box which was improved in this release with several new features.

  1. The ‘Add’ button will embed a new image.
  2. The ‘Reload’ button to refresh or update the image file.
  3. The ‘Reload From’ button will repath the image file from a different folder location.
  4. The actual path of the images is displayed in the new ‘Path’ Column.


New enhancements in the "Manage Image' dialog

The images will be embedded into the Revit project, and like any other image, it will have some impact on the file size. To keep the file size under control, keep the images less than 300kb in size, with a maximum measure of 300 x 300 pixels, and a resolution lower than 96 DPI. Several common image editors like Windows Paint, Photoshop, or SnagIt Editor will enable you to fix or re-size the images in batches.

This new functionality enables us to create legend-type schedules. For example: Furniture, Light Fixtures, Walls, Finish Materials, etc. This is also a great function for Room Data Sheets!


Images displayed in a sample Finish Material Schedule

See how you can build a Finish Material Schedule and a Wall Rating Legend using this new feature in the video discussion Revit 2015 Images in Schedules.


Images displayed in a sample Wall Schedule


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     Cesar Escalante
Cesar Escalante, AIA, LEED AP, CCCA
AEC Solutions Application Specialist

Cesar has a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Central America in El Salvador, a Master of Architecture from the University of Texas, and is a CCCA (Certified Construction Contract Administrator). His experience includes roles as Project Manager and Project Captain at architecture firms in Oakland, California. As a member of the Ideate Tech Expert team, Cesar teaches Revit Architecture Fundamentals and provides client support and consulting. Cesar’s interest in the built environment includes his work as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity.