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While prepping for an InfraWorks demonstration at Ideate Inc., my InfraWorks kept crashing. An error message would pop up informing me to change my 3D Graphics Settings. I changed the settings to a low level of detail to no avail. The program kept crashing.


Error Image Within InfraWorks

I did some snooping into my graphics card settings. My computer has two graphics cards, an Intel and an NVIDIA card. The Intel card is used for lower level graphics while the NVIDIA card is used for higher level rendering programs, such as InfraWorks. The settings for 3D graphics on my NVIDIA card did not include InfraWorks, therefore InfraWorks was not using the NVIDIA card, but was using the Intel card for rendering. The Intel card cannot handle the high level graphics of InfraWorks, and was crashing the program.

I added InfraWorks to the NVIDIA card 3D settings, and this fixed the problem. I have detailed this process in the following images.

To do this, right click on your desktop and choose your video card from the menu options.


Video Card Selection

Next, select Manage Settings from the tasks on the left side of the NVIDIA Control Panel window. Make sure you are on the program settings tab.


Program Settings

Find InfraWorks from the drop down menu, then select Add.


Add InfraWorks


Verify that you have selected InfraWorks in the select a program menu, and click Add Selected Program.


Add InfraWorks to Selected Programs

Lastly, to ensure this change is made, select Apply in the Manage 3D Settings window. You can now close your NVIDIA Control Panel.


Apply Settings

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         Kate Ming
Kate Ming
AEC Application Specialist
Kate is a California licensed civil engineer with a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from UC Berkeley. Prior to Ideate, she worked at a multinational company for four years doing general civil design on large infrastructure projects. She is versed in roadway, rail, utility design and site development. She also has experience with utility demand analysis and Low Impact Development plans. As a Civil 3D Autodesk Certified Professional Kate provides training and support for Civil 3D, AutoCAD, and InfraWorks.