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If you have been using InfraWorks for a while you would know that most roadway styles that come shipped with the software are for symmetrical roadway. There is not enough documentation on how to create a non-symmetric section and it is anything but intuitive. In this blog post I expose a little trick and this hidden feature.

So here a screen shot of the typical symmetric roadway section.



You want to go from the above to the following – No Passing zone…



Or a bike lane…



Now that I have your attention – here is how you achieve this:

In the Style Edit dialog box the Track Settings frame highlighted in red…



…has a few buttons at the bottom to edit/modify the roadway section. What is apparent is that if you select a row in the Right Group or Median Group and use the above mentioned buttons you can modify section. For example, add/modify lane/sidewalk width, etc.

Here is the important part – what is not apparent is that if you click on the row Right Group, not a row within the Right Group, you end up selecting the whole Right Group and then if you use the last button highlighted in red below…



…you get the Left Group…



Now you can modify this Left Group to create a section per project requirements. In the interest of time and simplicity I completed the left group as shown below. You can see the it has a bike lane.



And that’s it!

Now if you have not customized styles in InfraWorks look for my blog post about how create/modify styles in InfraWorks.

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     Gaurav Bagga
Gaurav Bagga
Senior Application Specialist Infrastructure

Gaurav is a Senior Application Specialist for Infrastructure Solutions at Ideate based out of San Francisco. He has over 18 years of experience in construction and related software industry. With this extensive design technology background he helps engineering and surveying companies, federal and state government agencies, and ENR 500 firms critically analyze and improve their construction drawing production process. He implements Civil infrastructure design technology led by InfraWorks and Civil 3D and has helped Ideate grow Civil Infrastructure Services. Being an industry recognized speaker he has presented cutting edge design technology at several industry conferences such as Autodesk University. Find Gaurav on Twitter.