Author: Ideate Software, Ideate Explorer, Revit

With Ideate Explorer, you can review the information in your Revit model in many different ways. Most users are familiar with showing elements within the Entire Project or limiting the elements to only the Active View.

Did you also know that you can select elements in the Revit canvas first, and then choose the Current Selection option? If Ideate Explorer is not open and you have selected elements in the model, it will default to Current Selection when Ideate Explorer first opens. You can always change the Display setting to Current Selection after selecting elements in the Revit Model.

Tip: A selection box drawn from left to right will only include those objects completely contained within the selection box. While a selection box drawn from right to left will include any object that overlaps the selection box rectangle.

This is a great way to see how many elements and what categories have been selected.

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