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If you create your model at a 1:1 scale and print on 1:1 scale you are all set and don’t need to read any further.

If you are reading this chances are your projects are large and you don’t typically print on 1:1 scale. And displaying linetypes in paper space and model space simultaneously has been an issue.

To rephrase, the problem is printing linetypes correctly for a typical AEC project in model space and paper space at the same time. This question gets asked very frequently and I decided to address it here.

Linetypes are controlled by four variables: LTSCALE, CELTSCALE, PSLTSCALE and MSLTSCALE.

LTSCALE is global scale factor for the drawing

CELTSCALE is the current object scale factor

PSLTSCALE is the paper space scale linetype factor

MSLTSCALE is the model space linetype factor (introduced in AutoCAD 2008)

To put simply set the value of the above four variables to 1 and your linetypes will show appropriately in both paper space and model space. Make sure you set the appropriate annotation scale in the model space – as pointed by the arrow in the screen shot below (1/4” = 1’). Problem solved!


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       Gaurav Bagga
Gaurav Bagga
Senior Application Specialist Infrastructure

Gaurav is a Senior Application Specialist for Infrastructure Solutions at Ideate based out of San Francisco. He has over 18 years of experience in construction and related software industry. With this extensive design technology background he helps engineering and surveying companies, federal and state government agencies, and ENR 500 firms critically analyze and improve their construction drawing production process. He implements Civil infrastructure design technology led by InfraWorks and Civil 3D and has helped Ideate grow Civil Infrastructure Services. Being an industry recognized speaker he has presented cutting edge design technology at several industry conferences such as Autodesk University. Find Gaurav on Twitter.