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Schedule Without Forcing a Hard Return

Have you ever wanted to force line breaks into your schedules views, or even perhaps into your view titles? While in a schedule you can force the line break using Ctrl+Enter.

Here is an example of the schedule before adding in the hard returns:


Schedule Before Forcing a Hard Return


Schedule View after adding the hard returns:


Schedule After Forcing a Hard Return

The end result of the schedule on the sheet:


Schedule on Sheet


A similar trick can be used in view titles that do not wrap the way you desire. Utilizing the Title on Sheet field, instead of the View Name field you can Ctrl+Enter your title as noted below.

Cheers to new beginnings and new endings, thanks to the Ctrl+Enter keys!

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       Emily Clark
Emily Clark
AEC Application Specialist

Emily Clark holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Kansas State University, and has over 19 years of experience in the Architecture industry. Her experience includes working for a number of Architecture and Design/ Build firms in the Western United States. She has been a Project Designer, Intern Architect, BIM Manager and Design Technology Manager. She has contributed to the completion of projects ranging from high–end custom residential to Education and Healthcare design. She has worked with multiple platforms and her passion for BIM has enabled her to help transition firms and advance with technology. At Ideate, Emily provides training and support for Revit Architecture.