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This blog post is the result of a question asked by a contractor who wanted to maintain links to many different types of content, such as equipment specifications and documents. Their goal was to deliver a complete package, including this linked content, to a client so the virtual building could be managed after construction.

The example I am providing here is a modified scenario, explaining a historic building using multiple content links created within Revit families. Schedules in Revit or Ideate BIMLink with external spreadsheets can be used to manage the links. It is not difficult to come up with your own scenario where linked content lends itself to both a better understanding of a building proposal and management of the building.



The URL links can be made within existing families, say furniture with links to content, or can be custom-made for presentation purposes.

You can author the URL link in Revit, link the Revit file into 3D Studio Max, Showcase or Navisworks, to create deliverables such as rendered images or animations, and link the Revit file with its URL links to Navisworks for easy sharing, using a secure and free viewer. Note that the content is not embedded in Navisworks so the content folder also has to be available.



To get started with creating your own linked content in Revit, watch this video.

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Jim Cowan
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Jim Cowan’s extensive AEC design industry experience, Autodesk design solutions expertise, and status as an Autodesk Certified Instructor have made him a sought after university curriculum developer, instructor, and presenter. Jim’s areas of expertise include eLearning, interoperability between solutions, and overcoming barriers to the adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM). Educated in Architecture at Edinburgh College of Art/Heriot–Watt University and in Landscape Architecture at the University of Manitoba, Jim has a special focus on sustainability issues: daylight analysis, sun studies, lighting analysis, modeling buildings, and conceptual energy modeling (models with shading devices). You can learn more from Jim on his YouTube Channel.