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If you have ever been through a Revit Coordinate system exercise, you have probably discovered it can be quite confusing at times. As I have discovered, it takes a lot of practice and patience to understand. Sometimes the Revit Coordinate system seems it is not as cut and dry as the AutoCAD Coordinate system, so during our discovery and playing around, we often find we end up getting a little disoriented or having trouble reverting our models back to the way things were prior to tinkering.

One of the areas that can get you into hot water is Shared Coordinates. Revit has two coordinate systems that we can use as references. The first coordinate system is the Project Internal Coordinate System, which is the equivalent of AutoCAD World Coordinate System (WCS). The other coordinate system is the Shared Coordinate System, which is the equivalent of AutoCAD User Coordinate System (UCS).

One of the advantages of Shared Coordinates is users can easily use an agreed upon coordinate system for linking and sharing models. This method works really well for projects that cannot link models using the Origin to Origin option (usually due to a lack of model coordination at the beginning of a project) or for projects that have multiple buildings on a site (campuses and housing developments).

There may be times in which Shared Coordinates among a team need to be reset. Now you may be asking why would anyone want to reset a Shared Coordinate System? Well, Perhaps...

If you are interested in learning how to reset your Shared Coordinates, be sure to my video,     Resetting Shared Coordinates, and learn the tips and tricks.

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   Sash Kazeminejad
Sash Kazeminejad
AEC Senior Application Specialist

Sash is a registered Architect and LEED Accredited Professional who holds a Master of Architecture from Montana State University. Sash’s experience includes project management, BIM management, and design for architectural firms in California, Montana, and Oregon. In addition to being a Bluebeam Certified Instructor, Sash is an Autodesk Certified Instructor who provides Revit Architecture training and solutions for AECO firms. Find Sash on Twitter.