Author: Eugene O'Day Revit, Revit Structure

Hi folks, IX here, one of the Senior Application Specialists at Ideate, Inc. Let’s talk reinforcement in Revit 2017.

One of my top five favorite features in Revit 2017 is the ability to add Rebar Sets to non-standard concrete shapes (e.g., tapered beams).

This enhanced feature will increase your 3D modeling productivity and help you to define accurate reinforcement for non-standard shapes in concrete elements. Additionally, you’ll be able to use multi-rebar annotations, customizable numbering settings, and you’ll have more accurate schedules that will display varying rebar lengths.

To see this feature enhancement workflow in action, check out my video, Revit Structure 2017: Variable Rebar Distribution.


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      Eugene O’Day
Eugene O'Day, IX
AEC Senior Application Specialist

Eugene A. O’Day, IX, with more than 25 years of architectural and mechanical experience, offers a trained focus on all things Revit and BIM. Teaching is a passion of his. Eugene has been an instructor in undergraduate degree programs, has traveled worldwide teaching Autodesk solutions to major corporations, has taught at accredited ATCs throughout the Northwestern region, and is a frequent and popular instructor, speaker, and presenter for AUGI® CAD Camps, Revit – and related product user groups. He has also been a trusted public school district advisor on new drafting instructor hires. At Ideate, Eugene provides training and support for Revit Architecture, Revit Structure and AutoCAD. Eugene is also a Revit Architecture Autodesk Certified Professional.