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Author: Emily Clark Revit

It’s that time again, Revit 2017 has been released with a lot of powerful new features and functions. And I am happy to announce there is now a solution to one of the most common grumbles that I have heard over the years: “My elevations just don’t pop!”

With the new Depth Cueing tool inside of Revit 2017 you will have more say over what your sections and elevations look like, and control over how elements that are farther away display in section and elevation view.



Here is a short video, Revit Architecture 2017: Depth Cueing, demonstrating how to use Depth Cueing to really bring your elevations to life.

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        Emily Clark
Emily Clark
AEC Application Specialist

Emily Clark holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Kansas State University, and has over 19 years of experience in the Architecture industry. Her experience includes working for a number of Architecture and Design/ Build firms in the Western United States. She has been a Project Designer, Intern Architect, BIM Manager and Design Technology Manager. She has contributed to the completion of projects ranging from high–end custom residential to Education and Healthcare design. She has worked with multiple platforms and her passion for BIM has enabled her to help transition firms and advance with technology. At Ideate, Emily provides training and support for Revit Architecture.