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By now you've likely already started to play with the exciting new features in Revit 2017's Edit Text contextual ribbon, but I wanted to take this opportunity to provide a quick reference guide for you to use as you continue to familiarize yourself with these helpful additions. In this spirit, I will walk you through the new features, giving you a bird's-eye view of what helpful text editing tools have been added to Revit 2017.


The New Edit Text Contextual Ribbon


Undo Panel

The Undo Panel allows the undo or redo of a change made to the text without canceling out of the text editing command.

Clipboard Panel

The Clipboard Panel allows the cutting, copying and pasting of text. In previous versions of Revit, the clipboard panel was located in the Modify/Text Notes ribbon and used for cutting, copying and pasting the entire note, as well as cutting, copying and pasting text within a note. Revit 2017 has simplified this by adding a clipboard panel within the Edit Text ribbon, dedicated specifically to editing text within a note.


Font Panel

The Font Panel contains tools for changing text to subscript, superscript, and toggling text from all caps to lower case and vice versa. The new Font Panel also contains some tools from previous versions such the Bold, Italic and Underline, which have been relocated for more efficient editing.


Paragraph Panel

The Paragraph Panel contains tools for creating multilevel lists. Some of the tools are from previous versions - such as the bulleting tools used for removing and adding bullet symbols, numbers, capital and lower case letters. But there are also new tools for creating indentations within text notes, and adjusting already created bullets.




Edit Text Panel

And lastly, there is an Edit Text Panel, which gives users an option to close out of the text editing command. This panel also contains the option to show a border and make the text background opaque when editing.




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    Katrina Rodriguez
Katrina Rodriguez
Ideate AEC Application Specialist
Katrina is an AEC application specialist at the Ideate, Inc. San Francisco office. She is a California–licensed architect with a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from the University of the Philippines. Katrina has over 18 years of experience in the AEC industry with a focus on both commercial and hospitality projects. She is also a Revit Certified Professional with over 8 years of experience utilizing the software on both small and large scale projects, from programming to project close out.