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I am back with more on text improvements in Revit 2017!

For this post, I'll be focusing-in on the export setup settings for DWG files. Enhancements in the export of text include improved fidelity of character size, location, font, spacing, numbering, tabs and other text related properties. These improvements allow for more consistency in text style and format when working across the Revit and AutoCad platforms.

To get started, you can find the export setup settings for DWG files in the Application Menu > Export > Options > Export Setups.


In the export setup dialog, the settings found in the ‘Text treatment during export’ section specify the degree of visual fidelity you want to maintain upon export. From the drop-down list, you may select one of the following options:  



The first option is Preserve Visual Fidelity, previously referred to as the ‘Exact’ option.

When using this option:

The second option is Preserve Editability, previously referred to as the ‘Approximate’ option.

When using this option:

Enjoy these time saving enhancements to the Revit text editor when exporting from RVT to DWG. Who doesn't want to simplify their workflow and reduce manual editing time?  

To learn more, check out my corresponding video to this post, Revit 2017: Improved Text Export to DWG.

And, if you're eager to learn even more about new text features in Revit 2017 be sure to read Revit 2017: Text Size Changes from my colleague and Ideate Senior Software Developer, Ben Bishoff.

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    Katrina Rodriguez
Katrina Rodriguez
Ideate AEC Application Specialist
Katrina is an AEC application specialist at the Ideate, Inc. San Francisco office. She is a California–licensed architect with a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from the University of the Philippines. Katrina has over 18 years of experience in the AEC industry with a focus on both commercial and hospitality projects. She is also a Revit Certified Professional with over 8 years of experience utilizing the software on both small and large scale projects, from programming to project close out.