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One of the biggest issues us Revit users run into is, of course, missing elements.

I am sure each of you have scratched your head a time or two wondering where in the world certain items are. Specifically, when dealing with Callouts and Sections there is a parameter that controls which views those particular callouts will appear in, based on the scale of the view.

Callout Views

When you create a Callout View you have the option to create a parent view or a detail view. In the View Properties for the callout detail view you have a parameter called Show In. This parameter controls whether this callout shows in the parent view only, or in intersecting views, as well. (Please note this visibility option only applies to detail callout view and not floor plan callouts.)

When the Show In value is Parent View Only, Hide at Scales Coarser Than will be read-only. When the Show In value is Intersecting Views, you can change the value of the Hide at Scales Coarser Than parameter. As a result, Revit displays the callout tag in any view that intersects the parent view perpendicularly, as long as the view scale is more detailed than the scale specified by Hide at Scales Coarser Than.



Section Views

Section Views do not have the Show In parameter, however they do have Hide at Scales Coarser Than. The section instance parameter Hide at Scales Coarser Than establishes a scale at which sections are either shown or hidden in other views. For example, a section tag can be hidden at scales coarser than 1/4”=1’0”.



IdeateApps Xray

Another great tool if you are missing elements in your view is the new IdeateApps tool, Ideate XRay, it will find the hidden callouts and tell you exactly where and why they are hidden, including the parameters discussed above.



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Emily Clark
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