Author: Dynamo Studio

Do you only think of Autodesk Dynamo Studio software as a visual scripting language that can simplify API programming for the Autodesk Revit platform? If so, Brett Young, the CEO and founder of BuildingSP, would like to challenge your perception.

Brett, who holds a BS in civil and environmental engineering from UC Berkeley, has extensive experience on this subject. He gained that experience by founding and managing Modulus Consulting, a BIM consulting firm, and from spending nine years managing large commercial construction projects for Cahill Contractors.

He believes Dynamo, and tools like it, will fuel disruption in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. When talking about disruption, he says, “flat labor productivity, a growing global population, and a tough labor marketplace for AEC are just a couple of indicators that we, as an industry, are experiencing significant changes on both the demand and supply side of our marketplace.” He adds, it is unlikely an outside force will quickly disrupt the industry’s core business, because the industry is very reliant on human systems. Instead, he believes, “individual companies will learn how to dominate their regional and vertical markets using a common formula of people-driven tech and human-centered automation.”

According to Brett, this is where Dynamo Studio software comes in: “It is human-centered automation – it scales what you do, makes you more competitive, and builds tools you control.”

Read the full article on the topic from Brett, Why Dynamo by Autodesk Is Important for AEC.

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