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Hi folks, IX here, AEC Team Lead at Ideate, Inc.

As you read in my last post, Announcing Revit Architecture Families - Online, the team has been heavily focused on building new curriculum and bringing you best-in-class training. During one of our in-house service days, we reviewed our Revit Architecture course offerings, taking a hard look at our material to ensure all courses feature relevant workflows and best practices in order to maximize our students' time out of the office.

In this post, I would like to introduce to you to our new Revit Architecture Beyond the Basic Series. We have taken our very successful two-day class, and broken it up into a series of one-day classes that can be taken together or individually - at your convenience.

One of the reasons we decided to move to a series format is the fact that a high number of students taking our previous, two-day class had an immediate need for the content covered in either the first or the second day, but not necessarily both.  Additionally, as new versions of the software are released, there is more and more ground to cover in the limited time we have with our students.

The series will include three separate one-day classes: “Enhanced Modeling & Techniques,” “Collaboration & Coordination,” and “Model Management & Presentations”. This new format will give students the flexibility to engage with only the material relevant to them and more control over the amount of time they spend in training.

Let's take a closer look at the Revit Architecture Beyond the Basic Series.

Enhanced Modeling & Techniques
This class will be geared toward those about to embark on, or are already working on, Revit projects requiring more advanced modeling and workflow techniques. We will cover many topics essential to various phases of the design and documentation process.

Collaboration & Coordination
This class will focus on topics related to collaborating and coordinating Revit models, not just internally within your office, but with your consultants, as well. We will cover techniques and workflows necessary to collaborating effectively across entire project teams and disciplines.

Model Management & Presentations
This class will concentrate on topics related to establishing Revit model standards, whether project-specific or firm-wide. We will cover how to effectively manage visibility of elements, views, and materials in your Revit models. We will also cover advanced tools for the renderings and walkthroughs necessary for producing quality presentations.

In summary, depending on your project’s or your firm’s Revit requirements, you will now have the option to register for one, two, or all three days of this specialized Revit Architecture training series.

This series will be offered out of our Portland and San Francisco authorized training centers beginning in January. This is a very exciting time for our training department, and we look forward to the new opportunities we know 2017 will bring.

For a more in-depth look at our Revit Architecture Beyond the Basic Series be sure to take a look at our series outline.  To see all our other new Ideate training offerings, visit our classroom training page.

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     Eugene O’Day, IX
Eugene O’Day, IX
AEC Senior Application Specialist

Eugene A. O’Day, IX, with more than 25 years of architectural and mechanical experience, offers a trained focus on all things Revit and BIM. Teaching is a passion of his. Eugene has been an instructor in undergraduate degree programs, has traveled worldwide teaching Autodesk solutions to major corporations, has taught at accredited ATCs throughout the Northwestern region, and is a frequent and popular instructor, speaker, and presenter for AUGI® CAD Camps, Revit – and related product user groups. He has also been a trusted public school district advisor on new drafting instructor hires. At Ideate, Eugene provides training and support for Revit Architecture, Revit Structure and AutoCAD. Eugene is also a Revit Architecture Autodesk Certified Professional.