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Nothing beats a recommendation from a satisfied customer. Here’s a good one from Seth Good from Caron Architecture, who took our Revit Architecture Fundamentals course in June of 2017:

“Sash Kazeminejad was a fantastic teacher that not only knew the material well but was also very professional in his methods of accounting for every skill level within the class. He was very good at being able to make people feel comfortable and welcome. I would highly recommend him as a teacher to others. Very grateful for his abilities and interests.”

We thank Seth for taking the time to write about his experience.

Are you interested in taking a class from Sash Kazeminejad or another equally qualified instructor? If so, visit the Education section of our website to learn about the many Autodesk classes we offer. All of them—whether held in a classroom or online—are led by professionals with extensive industry, software, and teaching experience.

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