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Investment in Enhancing Room Data Features of Ideate BIMLink

This blog post is part of a series exploring the room data in Revit.

In this post, the second of four, I cover the newly enhanced information that Ideate Software is providing, specifically as it is accessible through Ideate BIMLink.

Ideate BIMLink is a powerful tool that exposes an expansive amount of data much more than is easily accessible from within Revit. Room data is an area that Ideate Software has made a significant investment in, allowing Ideate BIMLink to report on room data in a variety of situations beyond Revit capabilities.

New Room Data Features

For model elements in Revit, Ideate BIMLink finds room information in each of the following scenarios:

NOTE: Data from linked rooms for doors and windows is only supported for families that are using the ‘Room Calculation Point.’

In addition to reporting room data for a given element more completely, Ideate BIMLink expands the scope data available by reporting on a greater array of elements. Columns, structural elements, and interior elevations are just some of the categories that are not supported in Revit but are supported in Ideate BIMLink. We also have room data in our multi-category links to help provide a complete picture of the model in one place.

Lighting Fixture Schedule Without Room Data
Missing data within a Revit schedule because the room exists within a linked file

When lighting fixtures exist in a different file than the rooms, Revit will not report values for the room fields.

Workflows Supported by the Expanded Room Data

With this information, Ideate BIMLink can empower all participants of the design process to utilize room information, even when they do not have control over the rooms. Existing Revit schedules can easily be used as a template for creating links in Ideate BIMLink. Once created, the schedule and the Excel export of the link can be compared side by side, allowing you to see the additional data. Here are a few of the workflows supported by the expanded room data:

Ideate BIMLink Link Room Properties
Lighting Fixture data, including important data related to rooms within a linked file

When the same lighting fixtures data is viewed in Ideate BIMLink, the room data from the linked file is reported.

Once the data is exposed, Excel can be used to generate reports, which can then be brought back into Revit using Ideate Sticky. The room data can also be copied to a custom parameter on the element for reporting in Revit schedules.

The enhanced room data is just one of the new features in Ideate BIMLink, recently released for Revit 2016, Revit 2017, and Revit 2018. Give it a try today, and feel free to contact us. We are always happy to discuss your workflow challenges.

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   Jesika DiGregorio
Jesika DiGregorio
Software Team Lead

Jesika received her Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Oregon in Eugene where she also spent time studying advanced math. Her work experience includes Junior Designer at an award-winning firm specializing in architecture and land planning, and Intern Architect at a firm that provides services in planning, design, construction documents and construction administration for projects of all sizes. After working in architecture design for several years, Jesika decided to pursue her interest in programming and her love of efficient systems. She now serves as a Software Team Lead for Ideate Software.