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2018 Brings More Flexibility to Multistory Stairs

Multistory Stairs in Revit have undergone various improvements over the years, and with Revit 2018, they have gone through another improvement. The Revit 2018 version certainly provides a more flexible multistory stair, especially regarding varying level heights.

Multistory Stairs in Revit 2018 allow you to select the Levels to be connected in calculating stair heights. Any level lines can be selected, and Revit will calculate stair runs between the selected levels. When finished, this will create a Multistory Stair element. Connecting levels can be selected at the time stairs are being constructed or on existing stair.

Connect Levels
The Connect Levels tool is used to select Level Lines that will be used to calculate multiple heights for stair runs within the Multistory Stair.

The Multistory Stair element is essentially multiple stair runs between level lines within the element. Stairs that share a common height are grouped within the Multistory Stair and referred to as a Stair Group. Stair Groups can be edited as a group. If a stair within the group is edited, the other stairs within the Stair Group adjust automatically. This is especially helpful when common height stairs need to use the same type of stair, shape, or starting riser position.

Stair Groups are stairs with the same height grouped together within the Multistory Stair element.

Editing a Stair Group or an Individual Stair

To edit a Stair Group, simply hover the cursor over a stair within the group to be modified and use the [Tab] key to select and edit the stair. Any stairs within the group will highlight and include a pushpin, indicating that the stair shape and type are all the same. Selecting the Edit Stairs button, then editing the stair will in turn affect all stairs within the Stair Group.

Editing a Stair Group
Selecting the Edit Stairs tool when editing a Stair Group with pushpins on, will cause modifications to a stair to be applied to all stairs within the Stair Group.

In addition to modifying all stairs within a Stair Group, individual stairs can also be modified on an individual basis. To edit an individual stair, hover the cursor over a Stair Group, use the [Tab] key to highlight and select the group. All stairs within the group will display the pushpin icon. Selecting a pushpin to unpin the stair allows the individual stair to be modified by selecting the Edit Stairs tool.

Editing an Individual Stair
Selecting the Edit Stairs tool when editing an unpinned Stair will cause modifications to a stair to be applied to only the individual stair within the Stair Group.

Video Demonstration

This new Multistory Stair functionality in Revit 2018 certainly makes the creation of multistory stairs more practical and flexible. To see a demonstration of this new tool, review the following video, Revit 2018: Multistory Stairs, on the Ideate You Tube channel.

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