Author: Katrina Vea Rodriguez Revit, Revit 2018

One of the improvements in Revit 2018 is the enhancement of the Railing tool.

Beyond improvements to railings associated with Revit stairs, one other new railing feature in Revit 2018 is the ability to host railings on toposurfaces. In previous versions of Revit, railings could only be hosted on elements such as floors, walls, and roofs. Now we can model outdoor handrails, fencing, road barriers, and the like, and they will follow the slope of the toposurface!

Watch this video, Revit Railings: Hosted on Topography, for step-by-step instructions on how to add host railings on toposurfaces in your Revit model.

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    Katrina Rodriguez
Katrina Rodriguez
Ideate AEC Application Specialist
Katrina is an AEC application specialist at the Ideate, Inc. San Francisco office. She is a California–licensed architect with a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from the University of the Philippines. Katrina has over 18 years of experience in the AEC industry with a focus on both commercial and hospitality projects. She is also a Revit Certified Professional with over 8 years of experience utilizing the software on both small and large scale projects, from programming to project close out.