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Author: Bradley Cooley Revit MEP

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing professionals who work in Revit® need to select the type of units to display in each of their projects. Fortunately, Revit makes it easy to switch. Following are the steps.

In this example, we use the units used for electrical calculations, and we change from Foot Candles (FC) to Lux (lx). It’s the same process for other units.

  1. In Revit, go to the “Manage” tab
  2. Select “Project Units”
  3. Change the project units from “Common” to “Electrical”

  4. Under Units, find “Illuminance” and click on Format column “1235 fc”

  5. You will get to a Units dropdown box. Switch to “Lux”
  6. Check/update the other options for how you would like them displayed and hit “OK”

To see a demonstration, see the screencast on Bradley’s page on the Autodesk Knowledge Network.

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Autodesk screen shots reprinted courtesy of Autodesk, Inc.

      Bradley Cooley
Bradley Cooley
Technical Support & Services Manager

Bradley earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Oregon, Portland. His special research and design emphasis was on commercial production facilities including wineries, breweries, and distilleries. Bradley’s professional experience has a design focus on build services for residential construction and environmental graphics. Within his community, he volunteers as a youth athletics coach. As Ideate + IMAGINiT’s Technical Support & Services Manager and a Revit Instructor, Bradley provides Revit MEP training and support for AEC firms. He is based out of the Portland, Oregon office.