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Author: Matt Miyamoto Bluebeam

The Problem:  Graphical Issue with Vertical Lines in Final Output

For the past few years, I have been encountering an issue when plotting with the Bluebeam PDF driver that I have installed on my system. Although the PDF files were all being created successfully, there was a graphical issue that appeared with vertical lines in the final output.

Bluebeam thick lines - graphical issue

A side-by-side view of an identical document generated with the Bluebeam PDF driver displays the issue with more clarity. On the left, the PDF file was created as expected, with clean, consistent lines for all text and images. On the right, the same PDF contains visible issues with vertical lines, primarily with the lower case “l” and upper case “I” in many of the words.

This was a past issue that had supposedly been resolved, however my installs of Bluebeam all produced the same results. With the help of our awesome partner contacts, we were able to track this down to an additional Rendering setting that can be de-activated in the Bluebeam Revu application Preferences.

The Solution: Step-by-Step Instructions

The full path to the option is here: Settings > Preferences > Rendering > Enhance Thin lines

To get to that location in Bluebeam Revu, click the Help tab from the Ribbon then Settings in the far right corner. 

Bluebeam thick lines Help tab

From the Settings drop down, click Preferences (or use CTRL+K as a shortcut to Preferences).

Bluebeam thick lines Preferences

In Preferences, select Rendering from the list on the left, then un-check the option for Enhance Thin Lines. This option is what causes the thicker vertical lines in the PDF output file when using the Bluebeam driver.

Bluebeam thick line - check uncheck

Looking back at the side-by-side PDFs, the one on the left was generated with the option un-checked while the PDF on the right was created with the option checked.

Bluebeam thick lines - side by side

If you’re running into this issue yourself or have received files from someone else that has experienced this problem, now you know where to go to fix it.

About the Author

      Matt Miyamoto

Matt Miyamoto, P.E., ACI – Manager, Civil and Infrastructure

Matt is manager and senior application specialist in Ideate, Inc.’s Seattle office. He has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and is a licensed Civil Engineer. Prior to joining Ideate, Matt worked on a variety of projects including site development, roadway improvements, and infrastructure design. With over 15 years of experience in the civil engineering industry, Matt now provides Bluebeam training, consulting, technical support, and implementation strategies for architecture, engineering, and construction firms, as well as building owners.


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