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Does your mouse wheel zoom when you want it to scroll? Or vice versa? Here’s the reason and the fix.


Two groups of Revu users use the wheel differently: Document users expect it to scroll, and CAD users expect it to zoom. To accommodate everyone, Bluebeam allows the default behavior to be toggled, changed, and defined by how the PDF is being viewed

Default Behavior

You can toggle between the two by holding the CTRL key while scrolling the mouse.

Two Ways to Switch to Continuous Mode

  1. Keyboard short cut, CTRL+5
  2. Click “View” then “Continuous”

Steps to Set the Default Mode

  1. Click Settings > Preferences
  2. Click Navigation on the left
  3. Under Mouse wheel, click Zoom or Scroll in the Single Page Mode and Continuous Mode dropdown lists
  4. Click Document on the left
  5. Change the Page Layout dropdown to the setting you want. This setting defines the default behavior when a new document in opened.
    • Document Based: Opens multi-page PDFs in Continuous mode.
    • Auto Detect by page size: Determines the layout based on the page size: pages under 14″ long will use the Continuous setting, and pages 14″ and longer will use the Single Page setting.
  6. Click OK

You’re all set!

For information on how Ideate can help you get the most out of your Bluebeam software, visit the Ideate, Inc. website.

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