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In a recent Revu webcast we hosted, an attendee asked how to set the status of markups. We thought others might be interested in the answer.

Although Revu comes with several default models (Review and Migration) that can’t be altered, it also enables users to create custom ones.

First, create a custom model:

  1. Go to View >  Tabs >  Markups.
  2. On the Markups list toolbar, click Manage Status. The Manage Status dialog box appears.
  3. Below the Models list, click Add. The Model dialog box appears.
  4. Enter a name for the model and click OK.

Next, create the status:

  1. Select the new model in the Models list.
  2. Click Add below the States list. The State Properties dialog box appears.
  3. Enter a name for the new status in the Name field.
  4. To associate text (such as Open or Closed) with this status, check Text and enter it in the corresponding field.
  5. To associate a color (such as green or red) with this status, check Color and click the corresponding color box.

    Custom Status Markups List Revu


  6. Click OK and OK. The custom model will now appear in the Set Status list as a submenu with its associated, custom statuses inside it.

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