Needs Analysis

Let us conduct a thorough review of your business processes and develop a customized roadmap to move you from CAD to BIM.

We have decades of experience working with Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Owner (AECO) companies and know what it takes to successfully move a company from CAD to BIM. We explain BIM; perform technical, skills, and process assessments; tailor a course of action to your needs; conduct training; and provide support, so your BIM project is repeatable, scalable, and referenceable.

We are an industry leader in Autodesk® Revit® implementations for BIM. As a core design methodology, BIM is distinguished by intelligent, three-dimensional, parametric object-based design such that a change anywhere in the BIM model is a change everywhere, automatically and instantly. BIM allows a single virtual model to be shared between all AECO contributors, with each discipline able to contribute information and track all changes. Throughout the building lifecycle – concept, construction to decommissioning –  BIM minimizes information loss and delivers extensive, immediately applicable information about project scope, schedule, and cost. We can help you determine the steps you need to take to fully understand and leverage the power of BIM software.