Ideate’s Revit Architecture Beyond the Basics classes are perfect for those looking to build on their skills and master the full potential of Revit Architecture.

This class series is broken down into three separate single day classes which can be purchased individually or grouped together as a full class series.

  • Ready to take your Revit modeling to the next level? Ideate’s Enhanced Modeling & Techniques class continues to build on the core modeling concepts covered in our Fundamentals course.
  • Looking for a leg up on Revit and BIM coordination? Ideate’s Collaboration & Coordination class teaches users how to effectively collaborate across multiple disciplines.
  • Need to make your Revit models shine? Ideate’s Model Management & Presentations class will teach you how to manage your BIM standards and present the best iteration of your design.

$495* (1 day)
$895* (2 days)
$1195* (3 days)

*Pricing per student. Discount for multiple day class purchases apply for single student registrations only.

Revit Architecture Beyond the Basics (Class Series)

-Working knowledge of all concepts and topics covered in Ideate’s Revit Architecture Fundamentals course
-Architectural design, drafting or engineering industry experience

Target Audience

All Revit Architecture Beyond the Basics classes are relevant for those looking to master the full potential of the software. More specific target groups for each day of the series are noted below.

  • Enhanced Modeling & Techniques
    • Power Revit users
    • Project Team Leads
    • Those looking to utilize the added power within the Revit platform
  • Collaboration & Coordination
    • Project Team Leads
    • Digital Design Leads
    • Firm team members responsible for utilizing Revit to its fullest functionality
  • Model Management & Presentations
    • BIM/VDC Managers
    • Digital Design Managers
    • Firm go-to Revit Specialists

Objective: All Beyond the Basics courses will expand the user's skill set and help them master the full potential of Revit Architecture.

  • Our Enhanced Modeling & Techniques class will take your design work from A-Z by covering additional modeling tools and workflow techniques integral to the BIM design process.
  • Our Collaboration & Coordination class will teach you how to maximize productivity by efficiently connecting project data and leveraging communication within the entire project team.
  • Our Model Management & Presentations class will help you master the tips and tricks for effective model management and show off your designs through presentations and renderings.

Scheduling: Our Revit Architecture Beyond the Basics classes are scheduled over 3 consecutive days. Register for 1, 2 or all 3 days of the series. Class will be conducted from 9am-5pm on each scheduled class day. Ideate will provide all systems and software required to participate in these classes.

Location: This class series is scheduled on rotation across several of Ideate's training centers but is not regularly scheduled in all office locations. Please contact for further details on class rotation and scheduling.

Detailed Course Outline

Day 1: Enhanced Modeling & Techniques

  • Basic Stairs, Railings & Ramps
  • Parts
  • Groups
  • Phases
  • Design Options
  • Area Plans

Day 2: Collaboration & Coordination

  • Prepping the Model for Coordination
  • Interoperability
  • Shared Coordinates
  • Copy/Monitor
  • Revisions
  • Worksharing
  • Ancillary Collaboration Tools/Software

Day 3: Model Management & Presentations

  • View Templates
  • Managing Settings
  • Material Management
  • Presentation Views
  • Rendering
  • Walkthroughs

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