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From Napkin Sketches to Revit – June 9
I have been in the business of designing buildings since the late ‘80s. And, over the years, I have seen the design and documentation practices change a lot. I started off sketching ideas on “trace” (aka, tracing paper or onion skin), copy paper, paper bags, lumber, wall board, and even the proverbial napkin...

Congratulations to Our Long–Time Customer, Kava Massih Architects – June 7
We are proud to be associated with industry leaders, and our client Kava Massih Architects (KMA) is definitely a leader. KMA has received numerous awards, including...

Two Powerful Updates to Corridors in Civil 3D 2017 – June 2
While teaching a Civil 3D 2016 class one of my students asked “Can you create a corridor from a feature line?” At the time, the answer was “No, you can’t.” In order to create corridors in Civil 3D 2016 and earlier releases, an Alignment and Profile were required for the horizontal and vertical geometry information...

Stop Wondering and Start Coordinating – A Look at The Revit Coordinate System –May 31
I have had the pleasure of presenting information related to the Revit Coordinate System to several Revit Users Groups recently. The response has been very well received and, in fact, I’ve had a number of follow–up questions from customers regarding coordinate system workflows and “what if” scenarios;...

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