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Revit 2017: Filling Gaps in a Revit Fabrication Model – Sept 1
Fabrication detailing in Revit 2017 supports different MEP detailing workflows. In this post, I’ll provide a brief rundown for each. For each fabrication model you must specify a fabrication configuration and load services....

AutoCAD 2017: How PDF Creation Impacts Importing – Aug 30
The ability to import PDF data into your AutoCAD drawings is a time saving new feature in AutoCAD 2017, which I have explored in two previous posts, AutoCAD 2017: PDF Data Import by Choosing a File (Part 1) and AutoCAD 2017: PDF Data Import by Choosing an Underlay (Part 2)...

Revit 2017: Trim and Extend, and Quick Connect!
– Aug 25

Thanks to the enhanced functionality of Trim and Extend, and Quick Connect in Revit 2017 MEP designers can now fill in the gaps in a Revit Fabrication model for ductwork, pipework, and electrical containment....

Visiting our History – Aug 23
Today we raise a glass in honor of the 50–year anniversary of The National History Preservation Act (NHPA), which created the National Register of Historic Places, the list of National Historic Landmarks, and the State Historic Preservation Offices...

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The Collaboration Story

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