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Attention Bay Area Foodies – Five New Choices from Boor Bridges Architecture – July 26
We take great pride in our customers. While they’re planning, designing, building, and operating structures that enhance our communities, we’re providing BIM guidance, consulting, training, and support that help them complete their projects efficiently...

Creating Revit Starting Views Using Ideate Sticky & Titleblocks – July 21
Having worked with many customers on their BIM workflows and on my own BIM–related projects, one feature I see underused or not used at all, is the Revit Starting View...

Revit 2017: Simplify Models with Revit Parts
– July 18

I am excited to share a new workflow with you Ideate developed when a valued customer asked the following:

“What is the best workflow if I am creating a shear wall with furring on each side and need to be able to demolish the furring portion, sometimes just on one side? In addition, I want to control the height of each furring wall separately from the core...

Model Revit 2017: Reinforcement Connectors
– July 14

Another one of my top five features in Revit 2017 is the ability to add 3D reinforcement connector modeling elements to my project. This new feature will improve the level of detail for reinforcement modeling and documentation...

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Santa Rosa
Aug 24

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