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Dynamo and Revit 2017 – May 24
Dynamo is a visual programming platform that gives you the ability to visually script behavior, define custom pieces of logic and script using various textual programming languages. It is now fully integrated with Revit 2017 and does not require an additional download...

Autodesk Revit Structure 2017: Variable Rebar Distribution – May 19
One of my top five favorite features in Revit 2017 is the ability to add Rebar Sets to non–standard concrete shapes (e.g. tapered beams)...

Bring Your Elevations to Life in Revit 2017! –
May 17

Itís that time again, Revit 2017 has been released with a lot of powerful new features and functions. And I am happy to announce there is now a solution to one of the most common grumbles that I have heard over the years: “My elevations just don’t pop!”...

Revit 2017 Text Size Changes – May 12
You may have heard that the measurement of text sizes is changing in Revit 2017...

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