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Revit Construction Sequencing: Task Name with View Filters – Oct 27
Revit lets you use custom shared parameters, such as “Task Name,” so you can assign a construction sequence to Revit Categories and Parts. It also lets you apply View Filters (color overrides), allowing you to color code them according to task. Since View Filters can be turned off/on in a view, you can create views to export the construction sequence...

Bluebeam Revu: Basics – Oct 13
At Ideate, we have recently made enhancements to our core curriculum and are offering several new training courses. Our goal is to always be providing our customers with more value, more options, and the assurance they will have access to continued education and support after they have taken a course with us...

Revit 2017: Reduce Duplicate Mark Warnings – Oct 11
Prior to Revit 2017, the Mark Value was automatically assigned to the MEP model elements. In order to minimize the number of duplicate Mark Value warnings generated and maintained when multiple users are working on the Central File, Mark Values are no longer automatically assigned to the MEP categories listed below in Revit 2017...

Rethink Autodesk Dynamo Studio Software with BuildingSP’s Brett Young – Oct 6
Do you only think of Autodesk Dynamo Studio software as a visual scripting language that can simplify API programming for the Autodesk Revit platform? If so, Brett Young, the CEO and founder of BuildingSP, would like to challenge your perception...

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Ideate Software: Hide–and–Seek with Revit Elements
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